TEAmwork Tea = the perfect serve

Serving Tray Magnet


This handy wooden magnetic serving tray comes with six see-through RVS cans. They’re magnetic, so they’ll stay attached to the wooden board automatically. Suitable for loose leaf tea and/or tea bags. Size: 17×18 cm.

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TEAmwork Tea Serving Basket: 6 different flavors in biodegradable piramid bags. 100% organic, 100% Fairtrade. High quality tea, hand picked in Sri Lanka.

WHAT IS TEAmwork Serving Basket Magnet?

One box, containing a whole lot of tea. Every box contains 6 different flavors of tea. All tea is organic and Fairtrade, hand picked in Sri Lanka.

– Mermaid Tea Green Rose (80 gram)
Green tea with rose petals & blueberry

– Unicorn Tea Green Jasmin(80 gram)
Green tea with jasmin buds

– Hipster Tea Black Chai (80 gram)
Black tea with pieces of fennel, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger

– Hangover Tea Detox Blend (80 gram)
Green tea with lemongrass, ginger, mint and liquorice.

– 1 Tea Infuser
So you can actually drink you TEAmwork Tea. Might come in handy, right?

One package inside the TEAmwork Tea Serving Basket biodegradable tea bags contains 6x  20 bags of tea, enough for 30-40 cups. Bonus point for money conscious tea lovers: good quality tea leaves can be used at least 2 times, for the same cup.
Now that’s qualiTEA.