Cookies + Tea = the perfect gift

Mother’s Day Cookies & Tea Box


The teams of Moosehead Bakery & TEAmwork Tea decided to unite forces for a special occasion (Mother’s Day) as mothers just deserve the best of the best!

This Mother’s Day Box contains a fine selection of the chunkiest chocolate chip cookies from Moosehead Bakery, plus two flavors of hand picked & organic tea flavors from TEAmwork Tea:

– 1x Dark Chocolate Hazelnut cookie
– 1x Milk Chocolate Walnut cookie
– 1x White Chocolate Macademia cookie
– 1x Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel cookie

– 40 gram organic Rooibos Hibiscus Tea
(for 25 cups of herbal tea)
– 40 gram organic & Fairtrade Unicorn Tea Green Jasmin
(for 25 cups of tea)


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TEAmwork Tea Cookies & Tea Box: monthly subscription premium tea | TEAmwork Tea Box biodegradable tea bags: 3 different flavors in biodegradable pyramid bags. 100% organic, 100% Fairtrade. High quality tea, hand picked in Sri Lanka.

WHAT IS Cookies & Tea Box?

One box, containing a whole lot of tea. Every box contains 3 different flavors of tea. All tea is organic and Fairtrade, hand picked in Sri Lanka.

Tea for the winter

– 1 Tea Infuser
So you can actually drink you TEAmwork Tea. Might come in handy, right?

Tea in parcel

One package inside the Cookies & Tea Box biodegradable tea bags contains 6x  20 bags of tea, enough for 30-40 cups. Bonus point for money conscious tea lovers: good quality tea leaves can be used at least 2 times, for the same cup.
Now that’s qualiTEA.


The perfect tea flavors for a cold winter day. In this box you’ll find three kinds of quality tea. The box also includes a stainless steel infuser, so you can start enjoying a warming cup of liquid goodness right away. Enough for at least 100 cups of tea.

TEAmwork Winter Box:
– 60 grams loose leaf tea: Winter Tea Sweet & Spicy
Organic green tea with spices and a little natural sweet touch. Contains green tea, cinnamon, orange peel, mistletoe, ginger, cloves, goji berries, rose petals.
– 60 grams loose leaf tea: Apple & Cinnamon Tea
Is there a better pair than apple and cinnamon? This blend is caffeine-free, with organic honeybush, cinnamon, ginger and pieces of dried apple.
– 60 grams loose leaf tea: Hangover Tea Green Detox
One of our classic flavors. A refreshing organic blend with i.e. green tea, lemongrass, mint and licorice.
– 1x stainless steel infuser worth €2,95
– Card with information about the blends & flavors

To make the TEAmwork Winter Tea Box even more convenient, we have added an infuser for the loose leaf tea for you. Tip: high quality tea leaves can be used at least twice, to brew a cup of liquid happiness. That would make this box good for a solid 200 cups. The box fits into your mailbox, so you do not have te be home to accept the package. Easy peasy!

Let’s get this parTEA started!