Proud tea partnership: Cultcha Kombucha brewed with TEAmwork Tea

1 December 2020

Some partnerships are worth celebrating! Have you heard of kombucha, the rising star in the drinks department? One of the key ingredients to make kombucha, is tea. Actually, kombucha is basically a fermented tea that turns into a tonic thanks to a community of bacteria and yeast. Cultcha Kombucha is one of the first Dutch kombucha breweries, founded by Kelly Fagan, passionate kombucha-brewing enthusiast since 2008. She started the brand in early 2016 and brews delicious kombucha in her artisanal microbrewery (the first in the Netherlands).

Tea partnership

For a brand that crafts a healthy, authentic and yummy elixir, only supreme ingredients are good enough. A perfect match with TEAmwork Tea’s pure and organic tea. It is basically alchemy that takes place during the fermentation process, where the community of bacteria and yeast transform humble tea and sugar into a healthy and delightful tonic. For us, the collaboration between the two brands is a perfect way to grow our local community in Amsterdam and experience the synergistic effects of working together!

You see, Cultcha is not just about cranking out another hipster drink. It’s about giving back the most precious thing they know to the community who has made Amsterdam our home. Therefore they hand -brew, -bottle and -label, with passion and pride, every single batch of Cultcha Kombucha, the surprisingly delicious health drink.

For more information about Cultcha Kombucha, visit their website.
For more information about partnerships with TEAmwork Tea for your own business, get in touch with Claartje.

tea partnership: Cultcha Kombucha TEAmwork Tea