Tea Gift Tip: mailbox parcel with luxury tea

20 November 2020

Do you want to send an original tea gift to your employees or colleagues? With the TEAmwork Tea mailbox parcels you can easily send a box filled with luxury tea to everyone who deserves a moment of pampering. The parcel fits through the mailbox, making delivery easy and corona-proof. Check below for our existing products in mailbox parcels size.

Tea gift options

– QualiTEA Box Try Out (try out version of our subscription box)
– Mommy & Baby Tea Box

We are happy to discuss other flavor options and customized tea flavors, as well as packaging and branding with your logo. Reach out to discuss your wishes with us.

Tea: the perfect gift

It’s not easy, finding a gift that suits everyone. Tea is a pretty safe bet, since it’s one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Did you know people in the Netherlands drink 15 million liter of tea A DAY? And that’s only in the Netherlands!

Plus, tea is a healthier idea than gifting coffee, alcohol or sweets. When you are looking for a gift that is sustainable, on top of being healthy, tea is definitely your way to go.

QualiTEA box - TEAmwork Tea Monthly Subscription

Organic & Fairtrade tea

Tea is a perfect product to import fairtrade, while caring for people and planet. Sri Lanka is widely known for it’s high quality tea. With TEAmwork Tea, we import our fairtrade tea directly from the plantation and keep the manufacturing process local.

Not only people should benefit from our tea production, so should the planet. That is why all TEAmwork tea is grown on a certified organic plantation: instead of using pesticides, ladybugs eat harmful bugs on the plantation. Why use pesticides, when you can use nature?

If you want to get in touch about gifting options, please reach out to discuss your wishes with us. Packaging and branding with your logo is not a problem.