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  • Proud tea partnership: Cultcha Kombucha brewed with TEAmwork Tea

    For a brand that crafts a healthy, authentic and yummy kombucha, only supreme ingredients are good enough. That brand is Cultcha Kombucha. How do they make kombucha in their artisanal brewery in Amsterdam?

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  • Where does TEAmwork Tea come from?

    As the founder of TEAmwork Tea, allow me take you to the TEAmwork Tea plantation! I’d like you to meet the women that actually PICK the tea leaves in Sri Lanka – all by hand. One of them is Pasamalar, 36 years old.

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  • What is soilon and why is it sustainable?

    What is the most sustainable material for a tea bag? Without compromising the quality of the tea in any way? My TEAmwork Tea contacts in Sri Lanka introduced me to the material SOILON: a bioplastic.

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  • Does tea contain caffeine?

    The short answer to this question is: yes. Tea always contains caffeine. Regardless whether you’re drinking green tea, the even lighter variety white tea, or the dark variety black tea. The difference with coffee is that we don’t call it cafeine in tea, but theine.

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  • What kind of tea varieties exist?

    Did you think the only tea variaties out there were green tea and black tea? Think again! In general, there are 6 different kinds of tea. In those 6, herbal teas are not included. Officially they are not considered as tea, because these infusions do not contain tea leaves, only herbs and spices.

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